V8 Star to Curb the Rage

Bathurst champion David Reynolds is swapping his larrikin antics for a more serious campaign, Curb The Rage.

The 34-year old has been working behind the scenes with his management company, Push Talent Management to bring to life a road safety initiative he is very passionate about.

“Road usage in Australia is at an all-time high and with that brings more congestion which is causing more road rage,” said Reynolds.

“In 2002, the Government’s Intergenerational Report forecast our national population would exceed 25 million in 2042. In 2007 the estimate was dropped to 2024. We have now almost exceeded that figure in 2019.”

Reynolds’ mission is to bring awareness to the issue with a campaign aimed at eliminating violence and intimidation on Australian roads.

“I think it’s time we brought awareness to the issue and help the community overcome this important challenge. In conjunction with key industry figures and with the help of corporate partners, I want to use my profile in motorsport and bring resolution to the issue.”​

V8 Star to Curb the Rage
V8 Star to Curb the Rage

Reynolds has put together a series of campaigns that tie in with Curb The Rage, including CHILL – a car air freshener designed to be hung or mounted in cars and remind drivers to ‘chill out’ behind the wheel. They will be supported with a series of parody cologne ads which will feature across social media. The air fresheners will be available to purchase at leading automotive retailers and online at curbtherage.com.au.

The campaign will go one step further, including industry and school visits with an educational focus to offer road users avoidance and coping mechanisms.

“By visiting schools and industry I hope to build momentum with the campaign. This issue is real, it’s having an impact on a lot of lives and the consequences are terrible. Together we can get back to the privilege of driving and our Australian way of life.”